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We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions about Cruise Port IJmuiden, and linked some relevant websites you can use to plan your travelling in the low lands.

Q: How far is the city centre of IJmuiden from the cruise port?

A: There are two cruise ports in IJmuiden: Felison Terminal and Felison Cruise Terminal.

Distance from the Felison Terminal to the city centre: approx. 2,5 kilometers.

Distance from the Felison Cruise Terminal to the city centre: approx. 3,7 kilometers.

Q: I am uncertain of what cruise terminal the cruise ship arrives at. Where do I find this information?

A: You can check which port/berth your ship is arriving at here or at the official website.

Q: Are there any public transportation available from the cruise port?

A: Yes. You can read more about the public transportation to and from the two cruise terminals here.

Q: Is there a railway station in IJmuiden?

A: No, not anymore. If you want to use public transportation, you can only take the bus in IJmuiden.

Q: Are there taxis always available at the cruise ports?

A: Yes, there are taxis available at the terminals on the days that cruise ships are in port.  Normally there are taxis waiting in front of the cruise terminals but because of great activity at the quays, you must expect some waiting time. You can also call for a taxi yourself and we recommend the following taxi companies:

Taxi Van der Valk +31 255 538000

Taxi Marcus +31 255 516000

Taxi Centrale IJmuiden +31 6 57800000

Q: Is it expensive to go with a taxi to Amsterdam?

A: Yes, it can be expensive! The fare (one way!) may be around 80 Euro but of course you can try to negotiate a bit with the taxi drivers, before taking the ride. Keep in mind that the larger taxi’s (minivans and vans; 5-8 passengers) are more expensive.

Q: Is there a (free) shuttle service from the terminals to the city centre of IJmuiden?

A: Not always. It depends on the cruise line; Saga Cruises for example offers this service for free to their guests. If there is a shuttle service, it will be announced on board the ship.

Q: Is it possible to visit one of the cruise ships?

A: No, you can’t, if you are not lucky enough to be invited. If your’e not on the official visitors list, you’ll not even get near the ship.

Q: Where can I get a map of Amsterdam / Haarlem / IJmuiden?

A: Free city maps are available at the information desk at the terminals.

Q: Can I ask more questions?

A: Yes, you can! Just send us a message or contact us on facebook or twitter.