CPK Security Services

CPK Security Services is your partner in maritime and ISPS security

CPK Security Services has built up extensive experience in recent years with the protection of ships, shipwrecks and port areas.

Our commitment is characterized by a high service level and flexibility. Combined with the experience and extensive training that all our staff members have, we offer a tailor-made package of shipping-related security services.

  • PFSO services
  • ISPS Security
  • Access control
  • Baggage check
  • Gangway watch
  • Security check
  • Security Management
  • Security Training

All our staff members are in the possession of the official harbor security certificate, necessary to carry out the work in accordance with international rules. They are also aware of the latest and newest developments in the maritime world.

ISPS checkpoint at Cruise Port IJmuiden

The European ports are at the heart of the global logistics network. Our security guards are specialists in the security of these ports and the ships that call at these ports.

This means that, depending on your request, they will perform the work in a neutral, yet visible uniform, when they have contact with your customers and passengers. Or, on the contrary, they appear fully equipped to secure precisely that location that is difficult to access -in port or on board- in order to guarantee security.

In December 2002 the decision has been taken to provide greater security for all international ports. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has established the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (known as ISPS Code). All agreements concerning the security of ships and international ports are laid down in this code.

The Port Security Act was adopted on 21 August 2004 for all ports in The Netherlands. The introduction of ISPS and the port legislation has brought the security standard for ships and international ports to the aviation level. In the near future this will be further tightened and the global, logistical flow of goods over the seas will also have to comply with far stricter rules.

CPK Security has all acknowledgments in this field of work and only works with certified employees. In addition to the specialized security services that are carried out by our people, we can also provide you with advice, training and implementation of ISPS plans.

Port locations with a loading and unloading installations in particular must have an ISPS plan. This plan consists of the following components:

  • Risk inventory
  • Inventory of current ISPS security and measures already taken
  • Adjustment and improvement of the ISPS measures
  • Guidance in the implementation and application of the ISPS measures
  • Implementation of your Port Facility Security Plan
  • Set up ISPS exercises
  • Training and guidance of your employees

No ocean too deep for CPK Security Services!