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More (and more) cruise ships to come!

The new year is just a few months old and we can already say this will be an exciting year for and in  Cruise Port IJmuiden. As a result of the sudden introduction of a “tourist tax” for cruise passengers by the city council of Amsterdam, several major cruise lines decided to change their cruise calls from Amsterdam to Cruise Port IJmuiden.

More than sixty (!) “cruise calls” have already been confirmed and this amount may even grow; this means it will be a record-breaking year for the Port of IJmuiden and of course the Felison Cruise Terminals. On our extended calendar you can find all the confirmed cruise calls for this year.


As you can see, our website is (almost) free of advertisements as it is “privately sponsored” (quite frankly, by two persons only!). In the very near future however, some small advertisements and paid contributions may appear as maintaining this website and keeping it online turned out to be quite expensive. Yes, even a bit beyond the available budget. At this point it’s not really a “must” to find companies interested in advertising on this popular website but this may change in het near future for the simple reason our goal that we want to keep this website up and running for the years to come. So, if you are interested in cooperating with us, please drop us a line. We are open to any good idea!


Last winter (a more quiet period in Cruise Port IJmuiden) we had the idea to change the layout of our website a bit. After trying and testing a lot of variations, we decided to keep this “old” version for another season as it not so easy to come up with something “fresh”. And even more difficult, a new design has to be cross-browser compatible and completely responsive, which means is has to work on all kind of devices (desktop computes, phones, tablets and so on). So, this season you will not see major changes (although we keep on adding extra information) but next season we may come up with a new and improved website!


One of our wishes for the coming season is to create an electronic newsletter (e-zine) that we can send to our many ‘fans and followers’ around the world.  This is also a project that takes a lot of time to develop so it may already be spring before our first e-zine will be published. But before that (that means, pretty soon!) you’ll find a button on our website which will allow to subscribe already for our future publications!